The SZ Pantera story

When we set out to find a car to represent Speedzone it had to be fast, unique, look great and most of all it had to attract lots of attention! This particular Pantera fit the job perfectly. With almost 500 horsepower out of its now 408 cubic inch 351 Cleveland based motor it’s definitely fast enough and you’ll hear it long before you see it. It has all the good upgrades like an aluminum radiator, Brembo brakes and Kinesis wheels. Although the body was in good shape it was a less then desirable shod of green and lacked any visual impact. In other words, it was the perfect canvas for Speedzone to demonstrate its paint and body prowess. 

It was taken apart and stripped to bare metal. With the bodywork completed is was painted a sizzling Ducati Rosso Red. Leather hides were hand deliver along with interior pieces to Jim's Auto Upholstery in San Diego where it was all stitched together. When completed was all reinstalled at Speedzone. You be the judge of the results. 

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